4 Common Workplace Litigations People Pursue

Disputes in the workplace are common. Every state has its own laws with which it governs such disputes. If your workplace has made any sort of violation, it is your right as an employee to file a lawsuit or a claim. However, first, you need to find out the 5 common types of litigations in the workplace that people are prone to pursue. This way you will know if your work-life is facing a similar issue and have the knowledge to go ahead and pursue it.

#1: Discrimination

One of the most common workplace litigations that employment lawyer Ravi Sattiraju is called for is discrimination. The law has a few protected groups in the United States of America and discrimination against them can be a serious violation. In the workplace, discrimination based on caste, color, creed, race, ethnicity, genetics, age, and disability cannot be made in any aspect of employment.

#2: Wrongful Termination

An employee may be wrongfully terminated due to any number of reasons. A good attorney may be able to prove that the employee was wrongfully terminated. This may be because they refused to take part in certain illegal activities or practices as told by their employer. It also may be due to filing a worker’s compensation claim. An employer may take negative action against an employee which may have led to their dismissal and this may be what the wrongful termination was about.

#3: Hostile Workplace Environment

Some workplace environments are so good that they can really enhance the work life of employees. But others may not be so. Some workplaces may offer only a hostile environment and this can be terrible for employees’ mental health and can cause a lot of stress. Hostility in the workplace environment may stem from many factors including sexual harassment, wrongfully making an employee feel uncomfortable, and showing preferential treatment to another employee. It may also be a case of a higher-up person in the organization asking for sexual favors. Many things go into creating hostility in work environments and this may be just that.

#4: Wage and Hour Disputes

Common litigation that gets filed in workplaces is one for wage and hour disputes. Employers may refuse to pay overtime for work done by employees and this can lead them to file a lawsuit. People work for money and when they don’t get paid properly it can cause a lot of conflict and stress.

As you can well see, there are many types of litigations that the world of employment brings to the fore. So if you or someone you care about is facing a tough time at the workplace for any reason, it may be time to look into it with fresh eyes. It may just be a case where a lawsuit needs to be filed.

When faced with workplace litigation or claims, it is smart to go through an expert employment lawyer who knows what to do. When it is a job and employment in question, it is good to fight for your rights and get the compensation you deserve.

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