Best Online Casino Reviews: Bonuses, Guides

Vietnam is host to a variety of online casinos that are presenting a myriad of gambling games and juicy promotions. For the uninitiated, bonuses and promotions are perks that are being offered by the casino suite to the account users to help them get started on their gambling sessions.

To further enlighten you in this aspect, we go the extra mile of elaborating on each type of bonus in the casino.

Welcome Bonus

Despite being the most well-promoted perk in the betting platform, a lot of casino gamblers try to avoid welcome bonuses for fear of getting scammed or exploited. To bust this myth, we will explain the importance of welcome bonuses in your casino betting.

Depending on the casino site, welcome bonuses come in various forms. However, the industry standard sign-up bonuses always come in threefold—slots, live casino, and sports betting. A welcome bonus is usually the type of promotion that is being put on the forefront of every perk that is being offered on the online casino Vietnam platform. 

The only downside to this is that most of the time, you will not be able to cash out your welcome bonuses without completing the bet requirements imposed by the site.

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses are casino offerings that are presented to all types of bettors in the casino. As the name suggests, no deposit bonuses does not require any form of deposit. Oftentimes, these forms of bonuses are applicable to small amounts of wagers.

Some of the bonuses that are existing in the casino that are often elevated to no deposit bonus status as free play bonuses that still require deposits in order for bettors to withdraw their prizes. Depending on the online casino, the no deposit bonuses vary in inclusions and betting requirements.

Game-specific Bonuses

As you already know by now, not all the bonuses and promotions on the casino are applicable to all types of games on the platform. One form of game-specific bonuses is free spin which is the casino bonus that is mainly focused on the game of slots. 

Additionally, these types of bonuses are featuring newly released casino games straight from the game developers themselves. These types of bonuses are designed to encourage the players to broaden their horizons by trying out the game titles that they are not acquainted with.

VIP Programs

VIP programs in the casino are often being offered to two types of bettors—loyal members and high rollers. Loyal members are often long-term players that gained status on the site. Meanwhile, high rollers are casino players that often bring huge amounts of deposits on the platform unlike the regular players.

VIP or loyalty bonuses often come in multi-level or point systems. The players need to complete a certain challenge or reach a certain milestone for them to be able to upgrade their level. 


Even the serial losers are eligible to win back the amount that they have lost in their gambling sessions. Cashbacks are the bonuses that are designed to help the players to reclaim their losses in the casino using the points.

Players can collect points every time they lose in their betting sessions. The bettors can claim their accumulated points as a bonus and can be converted to cash. Players are also given an option to use these points as a deposit in their next gambling sessions.


Bonuses are sometimes the catalyst that boost the winning potential of a player in the casino. If you are a new member of an online casino platform, you are already entitled to a bonus right from the get-go. Make sure that you take advantage of the juicy perks on the casino trực tuyến việt nam betting site!


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