Do Mechanics Sabotage Your Car to Make Sure You Keep Coming Back?

If you are concerned about your car’s health, you might consider getting it checked by a professional mechanic. However, you might find yourself getting ripped off by a mechanic who tries to upsell you on unnecessary items. These mechanics may not even have an understanding of what your car needs, so they tend to exaggerate problems to get you to pay for more expensive repairs than you actually need.

Do mechanics sabotage your car just to make sure you keep coming back? If you take your car to a mechanic too often, you may start noticing odd leaks within weeks. You may notice your coolant level keeps dropping, power steering fluid is dripping, and oil is spilling out of nowhere. If you don’t notice a problem, don’t worry! It’s a sign that your mechanic is dishonest.

Mechanics can accidentally damage your car. However, a good mechanic will let you know about any damage that is caused by his work. This is more common at dealerships, as they want to keep your business and not get caught in a rip-off. However, beware of mechanics who try to pass the buck. This practice is a red flag for car owners.

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