Does My Apartment Size Really Matter to Adopt a Cat?

One of the most common queries made by prospective pet owners is how big a home must be to keep a cat happy and healthy. However, there are no right and wrong answers here because a fluffy fur ball’s wellbeing depends mainly on its owner’s ability to satisfy its basic life needs, including providing the joy of cat-human companionship.

So, whether you stay in a big or small home with a cat, all it can take to keep your munchkin comfortable and content is feeding it good food, caring for its health, providing it opportunities for stimulation, and showering it with much love and attention. There are bigger issues you must reflect on than the size of your home to bring a cat home.

Check if you can afford the fur baby’s meals, help support it with quality medical care during health emergencies and other distressing health scenarios, and buy economical cat insurance if not the best pet insurance, spare time to play with your fluffy fur ball or take it out for a walk or so, and more. These are essential questions that need answering before considering adopting a furry precious.

While you reflect on these aspects of cat care, read this article to learn about the things you must take into account apart from the square foot of your home so you can offer a better quality of life for your prospective pet kitty.


Not all cats are loners. Most kitty cats are curious about new places, objects, faces, other animals, etc. They enjoy learning things by keenly observing their surroundings and love the company of their human companions, cuddles, snuggles, challenging games, and more. Try giving them all they desire, so they return to you warmth and affection multiplied many more times.

2.Poop accidents

Cats like to poop on clean surfaces. So, be prepared for pee and poop accidents if you don’t maintain the litter box well. However, such messes can occur if a furry baby suffers from renal conditions like urinary tract infections. Meeting the vet can be inevitable in such scenarios.

3.Indoor/outdoor time

The balcony, garden, and backyard are the commonly visited places by indoor pets. Domestic cats can live reasonably long lives staying cooped up inside the home; however, they will still appreciate a change of air now and then. Outdoor activities are essential to meet a kitty’s physical, emotional, and mental needs. So, reflect on how best you can dedicate time to your four paws daily to indoor and outdoor activities.

4.Toys and treats

Look for trending and pet-safe cat toys up for sale online or in pet stores. Consider buying as many exciting toys as possible (check for best deals) so your furry royalty is spoilt for choices. Your kitty needs to have play-alone toys, puzzle toys, feather toys, fishing pole toys, wand toys, robotic toys, interactive toys, catnip toys, stuffed toys, etc. You don’t need to invest in all of these at a time; try buying one or two fortnightly or monthly basis if possible.

While you provide your furry feline with all the comforts of cat life, irrespective of your home size, make sure you tell them how much you care for them frequently. Such moments can strengthen the bond you guys share and help your furry baby feel safe and secure.

At the same time, be well equipped to handle the worst just as you are ready to tackle the best things related to your munchkin. If you can shell out for the best pet insurance, you can surely go ahead with the plan. Otherwise, contemplate buying affordable cat insurance so your fur baby is at least covered for basic health care.

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