Evening gowns: a guide

Evening dresses are usually worn for official receptions. What distinguishes those from other dresses in the closet or on a store hanger is the long length (but there are also exceptions) and the fabric from which it is made. Usually, these are luxurious materials such as chiffon, taffeta, silk, satin, or velvet. Evening dresses have very diverse styles. Some dresses can be strapless, but often have exquisite sleeves. Let’s learn more about their types together with itsMilla experts. 

Features of evening gowns: facts from a dress store

An evening gown is an elegant evening dress worn for galas, balls, weddings, proms, etc. The ball gown can be richly embroidered and decorated with beads, sequins, precious stones, or other decorations.

Types of evening gowns

Let’s take a look at some of the most common dress code trends: they may help you choose the right outfit. 

  1. If the invitation to the ceremony contains the information “white tie,” it means that the event will have a very elegant and formal character. So the man must wear a tailcoat, a white vest, and white bow ties. The woman should wear a long, strapless ball gown and a deep neckline. Such annotations most often accompany invitations to the opera for premieres, galas, and balls. In the Milla dress store, you can find designer dresses of excellent quality: classic or extraordinary, mini or midi, made of the best fabric; they will make you exceptionally  latestforyouth beautiful.
  2. The “Black tie” occasions oblige a man to wear a tuxedo with a black bow tie and a black Spanish belt. A woman must wear a long evening dress, cocktail dress, or an elegant costume. 

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Styling rules

Long dresses, especially those with a wide skirt, often require emphasising the waist with an additional belt. When it comes to shoes, in the summer, you can choose very elegant sandals or heeled pumps or wedges. Silk models can be combined even with a leather jacket; for styling for a special evening, it is better to choose a short jacket that ends at hip level or an elegant bolero. Hats, sunglasses, decorative clutches, and, of course, jewellery also fit the evening dress: rich, long, and minishortner conspicuous.

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