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How can locksmith services in Las Vegas Increase Rental Property Revenue

If you’re thinking about renovating part of your home or your entire home to move in and start renting, we imagine you’re sitting in your living room thinking, What else can I add that’s inexpensive but a great necessity that will make me get more money out of the place? And we’re here to help: Anything that has to do with prioritizing tenant security, like what? Certain locksmith services.

A functional home that does more than we would think is a great IF when we’re in search of a new home, so don’t hesitate to apply any of these next services we’re going to discuss if you want to get a little more money in your pocket through your tenant. Ready? Let’s get to it.

Install a safe

We know at this point your face is aghast and you’re kind of “Why didn’t I think of that when I lived here?” You’d be surprised how much people want to have a place to hide their most precious possessions, like savings, jewelry, or papers. And as hard as it is to believe, many safes aren’t as expensive as you might think. And since it’s for a renter, believe us it shouldn’t be too elaborate but it should be installed by a professional and be fully functional. 

If you want to keep it more real, avoid putting a key or similar until the right person arrives to live there. It will be new and clearly you will have to have a considerable remuneration for its use which will be reflected in the monthly rent payment. 

Smart locks 

Do you know how many people want to have this amazing system in their home? In fact, wherever you move to you should consider this option for yourself as well. Installing a smart lock is one of the life enablers that everyone should get if they have the chance, imagine controlling everything that happens in your home from a distance or changing the key to enter whenever you want. 

Moreover, it is easy to attach this to other types of security systems such as cameras or alarms, making everything much more secure in the house. So, can you imagine how much it can add to the cost of rent? 

Upgraded locks

Although you may not get much out of it, having all the security measures up to date is an extra point that everyone will consider, small details like locks with anti-bumping systems or newly purchased locks, as well as having the windows secured with locks or latches, is a good way to surprise the next tenants.

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