Popular Technology News Sites

To keep up with the latest technology news, many people are turning to websites that cover this topic in-depth. Mashable is a popular example of this. This website not only covers current technology news, but also blogs on multiple topics. It has a massive social media following. This site has many sections, including technology, business, and entertainment. Listed below are a few of the most popular technology news websites.

CNET is an excellent source for tech news and has an extensive tech review section. CNET is also a great source of tech news, with sneak peaks and user comparisons. CNet is great for internet of things devices, as well as cars. Another great site is Wirecutter, which compiles user comparisons of different consumer electronics. The Wirecutter was founded by Brian Lam in 2011 and recently was acquired by the New York Times for $30 million.

The Verge is another great source of tech news. They feature everything from gadget news to in-depth long-form pieces. The site also offers original art and podcasts that cover the latest tech news. They also acquired a popular podcast called the Hot Pod in 2021. The Verge also features the latest gadgets, technology and business news. And they’ve become a valuable resource for those looking for a daily dose of technology.

For a more fun and nerdy approach, try reading Futurism. This website is dedicated to discussing future technology. Subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on social media. This site covers technology in all areas, including new developments, hardware, and software. This site is also a great source of advice and information. The Verge has a large following, and is frequently updated with interesting guides and videos.

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