Pros and cons of red brick

Brick is the main component of building a house. is the cornerstone that shapes the house Bricks come in many sizes. There are many different types according to their properties, which all affect their durability. cooling humidity of the house, weight bearing, fire resistance and construction time, so choosing bricks suitable for construction and usage requirements should be selected accordingly.

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In this article, we will take you to know more about Red Brick, what advantages and disadvantages? Why is it popular to build houses?

What is red brick?

Red bricks are small in size, generally available in 2 forms, namely hand-made type, with a rough surface and machine-molded type. The surface is smooth, lightweight because there are 2-3 hollows along the length of the brick. It is made of clay, water. And added materials such as ash, rice husks, and sand are mixed in an appropriate ratio. according to the required size Leave to dry, then burn until cooked. Usage Commonly used for general construction work. The advantage is that it can adhere better than other types of bricks, but the brick wall Will be suitable for the use of wall coverings that are heavy.

There are two types of red brick production:

– Hand-toned red bricks are produced by compressing clay into molds. Leave it to dry and then burn it. In this way, the brick may be indefinite in size and proportion. Depends on the style and source of manufacture.

red brick machine It is produced by Extrusion, then cut into pieces and put through the process of dehumidification before being fired to maintain shape and increase strength. In the process Bricks will be of the same size.

generally red brick It is approximately 2.5-3 cm wide, 14-16 cm long and 6-6.5 cm thick, commonly used for general construction work. Suitable for the use of wall coverings with a lot of weight, can be used to show brickwork Build a loft style wall and vintage or decorate the garden.

The advantages of red bricks

– Good adhesion high density

– Strong, resistant to weather conditions in Thailand

– Easy to buy, inexpensive

– Able to withstand fire for about 2 hours

– Can bear the weight of 30 kg per 1 square centimeter

Disadvantages of red bricks

– hygroscopic

– accumulate heat

– Most of the bricks are made from the community, may be of uneven quality, standard and size.

– has thermal properties As a result, the house can be heated.

– It’s small, so it takes a long time to build. and high construction labor costs

– Somewhat problem with soundproofing

Why is red brick so popular?

The walls of houses being built in Thailand are mostly built from red Mon bricks. Although the present New construction materials such as lightweight bricks, block bricks or precast walls will arrive, but red bricks are still the most popular building materials.

– Red brick is a basic building material. that are easy to buy There are shops selling all over the country. No need to pre-order or even if a lot is needed You can order directly from the factory without hassle.

– size of red brick despite the variety But it’s not much different. There are both types of smooth cubes. and perforated type. Some factories also have different color tones to choose from.

– Materials used for working with red bricks commercially available easy to buy different from lightweight brick that requires masonry mortar especially for lightweight bricks which is more difficult to buy and more expensive

– As for craftsmen, bricklayers, bricklayers, general bricklayers can mason and plaster red bricks with standard wages. The lightweight brick Craftsmanship is required. or a technician who has ever built in particular

– Red brick, although its weight per square meter is higher than aerated brick. But it is stronger. Can absorb more lateral impacts Even if the bricks are laid and plastered until they are completely dry. It can also drill hanging furniture. or decorations are convenient can carry a lot of weight different from lightweight bricks very porous but can bear less weight and must use only specially designed hanging materials

– In general, if compared between single-layer red brick walls with lightweight brick wall will find that the red brick wall retain more heat But if you want the house to be cooler It can be converted from a single-layer red brick wall to a double-layer wall by leaving a gap of at least 5 centimeters in the middle. Or the insulation will make the house cooler. and retain more sound

– Due to the fact that red brick is denser than aerated brick therefore suitable for wall formation around the bathroom without fear The walls will absorb moisture. which is better than a lightweight brick wall porous make water seep easily Damage spreads to the other side, such as scalding paint, rotting wallpaper, moldy walls, hazardous to health.

– Red bricks are not only used to build strong walls of houses. It can also be adapted to decorate the garden or create a beautiful wall easier than a lightweight brick.

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