Tips to Evaluate the Results of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is booming as businesses are taking interest and are growing exponentially. Putting your efforts into influencer marketing is one phase of the entire marketing strategy. You can skip the result evaluation to some extent if you execute the in-house business strategy. But this won’t work for offshore clients.

Evaluating your influencer marketing efforts is crucial to know the ups and downs of your strategy. It is also beneficial to alter the current strategy and witness higher outcomes. So, what it includes to evaluate the influencer marketing results? Below is the list that you must consider for detailed result evaluation.

Know Your Objective & Goal:

Before proceeding towards execution, knowing your goals and objective is the prime factor you shouldn’t miss. Your goals and objectives help you know the KPI ( Key Performance Index) that should be considered to evaluate the results. E.g., number of shares, comments, and likes are the KPI if your goal for influencer marketing is brand awareness.

Knowing your goal and objective is also essential to ensure you are putting efforts into the right strategy and can expect favorable output.

Evaluate Influencer’s Performance:

Throughout the marketing strategy execution, you are highly recommended to coordinate with the influencer and put your efforts into getting cumulative results. Top influencers already have experience in delivering high-end results.

However, if you are working with nano-influencers, working together and getting results above expectations is essential. Yet, you should not miss out on evaluating the campaign performance compared to other campaigns done by the influencer.

Jenny Fisher is the best example of a highly effective influencer who serves high-end results to their clients. Jenny represents brands and non-profits through social media, podcasts, and television appearances that give vast exposure across different social media channels.

Use Third Party Tools for Evaluations:

Many third-party online tools can help you track the results and ensure they are in your favor. Third-party tools are highly effective in lowering your efforts and extracting the results with 100% accuracy.

However, third-party tools aren’t free. You need a monthly/yearly subscription to get the right and effective reports from the software/tool.

Track Conversions: Conversions are the prime motive for most businesses, and that’s where most fail to track the results. If you fail to track the conversions, there is no motive to put your efforts into influencer marketing. UTM is the most practical solution to track visitors and conversions with influencer marketing.

Check Followers Count: You are putting efforts with different objectives. However, every effort you make in influencer marketing will help you gain followers, as influencer marketing helps boost brand awareness. Hence, you should also consider increasing your follower count after influencer marketing. Remember, calculating influencers can’t be accurate as you can’t distinguish the organic followers and paid followers via influencer marketing.

Social Media is the common platform for influencer marketing, which you must command to evaluate the results. You can check out the checklist to audit social media marketing and evaluate how your hard work pays off.

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