Top 6 Rookie Mistakes To Avoid When Caravanning

Are you ready to embrace the caravan lifestyle? Are you prepared for the common and not-so-common problems?

Caravanning is fun until it breaks down in the middle of nowhere and you are left scratching your head why you didn’t think of it earlier. In this blog post, we will explore some of the common rookie mistakes made by beginner caravanners as well as people with several trips under their belt.

1. Not practising reversing a trailer

Caravan reversing is an art and a skill. Some owners can intuitively reverse even the most tenuous angles but most individuals don’t really practice enough to park their vehicle safely.

Thankfully, there are several caravan towing schools that can teach you how to reverse safely. There are also several apps that can help you learn this skill.

The best way to make sure you are never caught off-guard is to practice as much as you can. Get a few traffic cones, take your caravan and get practising.

2. Always carry extra fuel

Carrying extra fuel is especially important for those back roads that don’t get much traffic. Take a jerry can and fill it up.

Don’t place it inside your trailer or your vehicle. Find a way to keep it safely attached to the A-frame or rear bumper of your van.

3. Carry a few tools

When you are out there in the wild, you need to have a few basic tools to do some essential repairs. Carry a rope, some fuses, bulbs, gaffer tape, puncture repair kit and other tools to fix things before you can take your caravan to a proper repair shop. Click here Mallumusic for more information.

4. Careful check-up before the trip

Whether you like it or not, your caravan is going to spend a lot of time indoors. When things are not getting used, they deteriorate. This is why you need to carefully check everything before taking the caravan out for the trip. Make sure you properly polish your caravan to protect the exteriors.

Also, don’t forget to check the trailer for rodents or other such guests. Lubricate everything that needs to be lubricated. Check the brakes, wheel bearings and tyres.

5. Carefully choose a campsite

You got to be careful when choosing a campsite. In many cases, you have to park at a particular location in a caravan park. However, you will get options when you take your caravan to a free camp.

Make sure to keep things out of the hot sun whenever possible. It might seem a good idea to park under a huge tree but branches tend to fall and bird droppings might also be a concern. Also, if you have solar panels for power, you will, in any case, need to park your caravan out in sunlight.

6. Respect the limits

Every caravan has a limit in terms of maximum carrying load, ground clearance and tracks where you can take it. Respect those limits and your trip will likely be incident free.

Final Thoughts

More Australians are embracing the caravanning lifestyle. It’s fun to take your caravan to popular camping sites or the roads less explored. However, mishaps happen and one of the ways to avoid the probability of being caught in a tough place is to be well prepared.

Prepare a checklist and tick off everything before taking your caravan out for your next adventure.

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