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What is cheek surgery?

Remove the fat on the cheeks. Big cheek surgery ศัลยกรรม makes the face look bigger. If a small amount of fat on the cheeks is removed cheeks will look smaller The face is slender and has a more natural look. But if too much fat is removed it may make you look old. Cheeks can answer, so decide on the amount of fat to remove.

surgical method

A local anesthetic is injected into the mucous membranes inside the mouth. The greek just made a small incision and removed the fat mass that was inside. When the required amount of sebum is removed and the mucous membrane is sutured on the inside of the mouth to stop bleeding, the cheeks become smaller, making the face look naturally smaller without any external scars.

Inject the fat with Lipokit

One of the wrinkles of aging is the cheeks replying until the cheekbones are bulging out. make him look tough, old and sad. Solve these problems with fat injections. to make the face look smoother and softer

The focus of fat grafting lies in tissue healing. Using healthy and new fat cells to inject into the right place in the right amount. It will help the fat injected to heal with the tissue most effectively. At present, “Lipokit Fat Injection Method” is very popular because fat cells will heal well with the tissue.

When the fat on the face is reduced You can inject fat in other areas such as flat forehead, cheeks, frame, and face to create volume to make your face look younger again.

How to inject fat with Lipokit

Fat grafting isn’t just about adding fat to a dry face. but in a delicate way

and requires a specific technique of a specialist surgeon taking into account the face shape and designing

suitable for each person The face is still smaller and younger. look naturally beautiful

The method of fat injection with Lipokit is to use the Lipokit machine to collect the fat that has been sucked out. To prevent the fat from touching the air until it is used for injection. To maintain the number of fat cells to survive as much as possible This machine can suck and separate fat as well as separate impurities in one go. and also keep The fat in a sterile condition to prevent contamination. The resulting fat cells are pure and strong and heal with the most efficient tissue.

even using only local anesthesia however, anesthesia may be required if necessary. The surgery takes 30 minutes – 1 hour and can be discharged from the hospital on the same day.

Who is LIPOKIT fat injection suitable for?

People who are concerned about foreign substances, artificial substances

People who want to make their faces plump to look younger.

A man with a square face looks fierce.

People who want their faces to have a permanent dimension instead of injecting various substances that only see temporary results.

Fat injection LIPOKIT

Able to absorb and separate fat at one time Impurities can be completely separated in a sterile condition, preventing contamination, pure fat cells. Highly effective in healing tissues

basic fat separation

can only separate fat. The man with a sullen face replied, looking old. The impurity cannot be completely separated. likely to be contaminated When there are contaminants, it will make efficiency. in healing with lower tissues

fat injection site


Want a rounded forehead

I don’t like the brow bone bulging out.

No need for forehead surgery with prosthesis


low nose bridge

drooping nose

Don’t want to undergo artificial organ augmentation surgery such as silicone or gore-tex.

Want to have nose surgery without long recovery time


droopy eyelid, drooping eyelid skin shadow the eyes

bulging eyes

Dark circles under the eyes because the eye sockets are deep, causing shadows under the eyes.

around the mouth and between the eyebrows

There are deep wrinkles between the eyebrows.

Botox injections and dimples


Lips are thin and have a lot of wrinkles.

Want to have plump lips?


Cheeks answered fiercely.

cheek groove

when getting older The wrinkles on the cheek grooves are getting deeper.

The cheek area is very hanging down.


short chin

short jaw

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